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Club Ride-In-(Directions)

The Sutton Ridgerunners are having a cook out on Saturday, February 4 starting at 1:00 pm. AJ Giglio will be cooking hot dogs and hamburgers and providing the fix’ins. Bring your own beverages and anything you would like to share.


This is intended to be a family event. The cook-out will be located next to the newly constructed bridge on Bob Harrington’s property. The bridge is accessible by both car (with a very short walk) or by car.


By Car: The Harrington property is located at 228 Newbury Road. There is a mailbox with the street number next to the driveway. Park in the driveway if you wish. The property is just down the road from the Sutton Central Elementary School.


By Snowmobile: Approximately 3 miles past the cabin on Poor Farm Road heading towards Bradford.  The bridge is located on S16 just before it crosses Newbury Road onto S18. Go to and click on the link for Maps under the TRAILS button to see where S16 and S18 are located. The Sutton trails are expected to be re-opened this coming Thursday.


Bring the whole family. Hope to see you there.

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