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The Ridgerunners club thrives on the generosity of its members and fellow community.  Without their volunteered help and gracious contribuitons, this organization would not have been able to accomplish some of the tasks at hand.


The snowmobile club maintains & repairs expensive grooming equipment and purchases fuel for the groomers on a regular basis.  Other expenses include building bridges, repairing old bridges and the occasional need to purchase new groomers. Sometimes the club must rent large machinery for building new trails, rerouting of existing trails, and maintaining trails to ensure they are safe for all riders.


Raising money for the Easter Seals and Camp Sno-Mo is also important to the club. Every year we donate money and time to help support the Easter Seals.


All donations go directly to the club.  Any donation amount amount is welcome!


Donations can be made the following ways:

  1.  Checks can be made payable to Sutton Ridgerunners SC and mailed to PO Box 453, North Sutton NH 03260

  2.  In person at one of our meetings




Thank you in advance for your generous support!







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