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No other club in New Hamshire supports Camp Sno-Mo more than the Sutton Ridgerunners!


Easter Seals NH and the Daniel Webster Council, Boy Scouts of America work together at this nationally-recognized, residential camp program, sponsored by the New Hampshire Snowmobile Association to create a life-changing experience for campers.

Located in Gilmanton Iron Works, NH, children and young adults with disabilities and special needs, ages 11-21, can inclusively participate alongside Boy Scouts in a wide variety of activities including water sports, team sports, hiking, archery, a ropes course and crafts.  For more information about Easter Seals Camp Sno, please contact Rob Kelly at 603.364.5818 or


The Sutton Ridgerunners together with The New Hampshire Snowmobile Association and other clubs accross NH have

raised close to $3 million for over 3 decades to support Camp Sno Mo and its campers! Click here to check out their website!


Interested in helping the Ridge Runners in supporting camp Sno-Mo, consider making a donation today.  


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